Change YOUR Words is blog series I am happy to re-introduce to all of you.

The way we think and speak are vital to how we feel and perform. Words are very very powerful. They can be used to your advantage or they can hold you back and stress you out!

We all have emotional attachments to words. Some people view a certain word different than others. Sometimes when I am in a conversion with someone and I hear them say a certain word, I ask them to define what they mean by it. Not because I don’t know what it means, but because I want to know what they mean by it or how they ‘feel’ about it.

Today’s post of “Change YOUR Words” is ‘Strict’. For example…

“I’m going ‘Strict’ ____ (keto, macro’s, whole30, low carb, etc…) for 30 days”….CHANGE TO….”I’m going ‘All In’ for the 30 Day Paleo Challenge”.

From here on out when you think, hear, or read the word ‘Strict’ you will now change that word to ‘All In’. For the purpose of this post we are going to refer to strict as dealing with nutrition and dieting.

For most folks, ‘Strict’ has a negative feeling and connotation attached to it. When you go ‘Strict’ you restrict what you think you want…i.e. cheat food, meals, alcohol, etc… Being ‘Strict’ or Restricting yourself, makes you mad at yourself because you are upfront denying yourself something (whether it is good or bad for you) that you want to have.

Go ‘All In’ instead;

‘All In’ is a completely different way to mentally + emotionally look at being ‘Strict’. Going ‘All In’ is a forward thinking way of committing to yourself and others that you are going to focus on healthy habits and do whatever it takes to succeed. It is always easy to commit to goals/challenges in the beginning because it is new, exciting and hasn’t become hard yet. Once the initial excitement of the goal/challenge fades then it is time to see what you are made of. When you take the mindset of going “All In” you are committed to yourself the goal/challenge and that will give you the opportunity to positively WIN!

Now it’s time to go ‘All In’ on the comments.

Today’s Workout is…

A: 1-mile run for Time

B: For Time:
100 Doubles
50 KB Swings
100 Sit-ups
50 KB Swings
100 Doubles

Post by Chris; follow me on instagram  @mr.cpm

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