Last Week was Strict… Today’s post of “Change YOUR Words” is ‘Cheat Meals’.

To reiterate from last week, the way we think and speak are vital to how we feel and behave. Words are very very powerful. They can be used to your advantage or they can hold you back and stress you out!

We all have emotional attachments to words. Some people view a certain word different than others. Sometimes when I am in a conversion with someone and I hear them say a certain word, I ask them to define what they mean by it. Not because I don’t know what it means, but because I want to know what they mean by it or how they ‘feel’ about it.

Today’s post of “Change YOUR Words” is ‘Cheat Meals’. For example…

“Today is my ‘Cheat Day’”….Or….”I’m going have a cheat meal at the party this weekend”.

Before we go any further let’s go to Websters and define the word ‘Cheat’…

1. To deceive by trickery; swindle: cheated customers by overcharging them for purchases.
2. To deprive by trickery; defraud: cheated them of their land.
3. To mislead; fool: illusions that cheat the eye.
4. To elude; escape: cheat death.

I’d recommend changing ‘Cheat’ Meal too.. Spending some FITness Cash. Allow me to explain…

My Perspective…

I like to associate Nutrition with Money. And managing your food is similar to managing a financial budget (nutritional budget). Are you ‘cheating’ when you spend money? Is going to Scheels and buying clothes ‘cheating’ on your wallet? When you buy tickets to a concert its a bad thing?

When you have a treat, chips, fries is not a bad choice; there is nothing immoral about it. You are not a bad person by indulging. You are simply making a choice. All you have to do is own your choice and accept the costs. Taking responsibility for your actions and it’s outcomes is all that it needs to be. Think of it as spending some ‘fitness’ cash:)

Eat to Live, or, Live to Eat?

Food is healthier or you or unhealthier for you. Food’s design is to fuel, nourish and feed your body (muscles, joints, tissues, tendons, etc..) It’s not just about calories in or calories out. Calories = unit of energy.

At CPMFITness we treat food like more of a nutritional budget then a  diet/weight-loss challenge. When we eat a compliant meal (animal protein + vegetable + healthy fat) we are doing the same thing as depositing money into our bank account.

Healthy = Deposits                                                  Unhealthy = Withdrawals
*Compliant Meal                                                      *Processed Foods
*Water                                                                       *Alcohol
*Yoga Class                                                              *Sitting (car, couch, desk)
*8 Hours of Sleep                                                    *3 Hours of Sleep

The more healthy deposits we invest in our body the better we will look, the better we will feel and the better we can perform. How you want to look-feel-perform is simply a certain account balance; if you are not at your desired status, then all you need is to continue to make more deposits and less withdrawals and you will get there.

Our goal and purpose for every client of our gyms is to create permanent, sustainable, lifestyle habits. In that, here are some general benchmarks and guidelines where you can have above average results…

*15 Compliant Meals a week
*Pictures and Weigh In’s every 5 weeks
*Non Compliant items or meal pre or post 75 minutes from Compliant meals. 

Wrap all of these benchmarks (rules) together with a group of HIGHLY positive + motivated, like-minded people and you have yourself an environment to get you out of your comfort zone and operating a new highly level you!

Your million dollar Body, Business and Lifestyle are there for the taking…

Today’s Workout is…

Part A: PT Grinder Style

Part B.  EMOTM 15min
5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Squats

Post by Chris; follow me on instagram  @mr.cpm

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