I get these kinds of text messages all the time,

I need to figure out what to cook… I need ‘easy’ recipes.

Right after I read that kind of text, the first thing that pops in my head is, “Simple is the New ‘Easy‘”

My Perspective…

The opposite of Easy is HARD! When something is HARD it takes great effort. Why? Because you may lack a few things… Skills, Confidence, Clarity to name a few.

When things become ‘Easy’ it’s because things became simple. When things are simple it’s because you have the necessary Skills, Confidence, Clarity to make it simple.

Think about something simple in your life… Driving your car = Easy!

Now think back to when you were young (14, 15,16 years old) about to take your drivers test. Was it easy then? Were you nervous? Sweating? Have anxiety? More times then not, you were. It was a big deal for you. Did you have the skills, confidence and clarity then that you do now about driving? I bet not!

Laws of Health and FITness…

There are fundamentals laws the body requires frequently to thrive. Luckily for the all the members and clients of CPMFITness we focus on them daily…

🥗Nutrition = Food is fuel. Calories are units of energy. We use it or store it.
🏋🏼‍♂️Exercise = Bodies require movement. The more and varied the better.
🤸🏼‍♂️Mobility = Flexibility is the foundation needed for movement and health.
💧Hydration = Our bodies are made up of about 60% of water.
😴Sleep = If you don’t charge your phone it will die. The same goes for our bodies
Lifestyle = Good Stress = Acute… Bad stress = Chronic… Balance our emotions and thoughts are vital to living healthy and happy.
Reflect = We can improve our future by looking back at the past.

Everyone… And I do mean everyone struggles with one or more of the above topics. Why? Because we are human and –SPOILER ALERT– humans by design are NOT supposed to be perfect! But that doesn’t mean we can’t get better.

I believe the #1 way to make things ‘SIMPLER’ is to raise your skills. If you were to grade yourself on the following fundamentals above, the grade would simply reflect your present day skills. For example, lets go with Nutrition. The necessary skills to raise your nutrition could be the following…

Shopping – Inventory
Cooking – It’s not going to cook itself. Unless you want it raw (not recommended:)
Prepping – Last step is eating it!
Time (ahhh priority) management. We all have the same time. Use it or lose it.

3 Ways to Raise your Nutrition Skills

A. Create a System = LINK for ideas.
B. Create a Schedule = LINK for ideas.
C. Learn! First step is Knowledge, however it is just info. Real learning is doing. Until knowledge is applied you haven’t learned anything. (start with applying info of the above 2 links and go from there).

Pay Now or Pay Later?

We’ve all heard that phrase before. You have to choose one of them. So what’s it’s going to be?

Making things ‘Easy’ is not easy in the beginning. It takes time, energy, setbacks. BUTT that is okay when you are a CPM member because you have Coaches! And coaches that are VERY dedicated to helping you succeed. Hit us up and we can help simply because we were in your shoes at one point and we took the time, energy and setbacks to get to where we are today!

Lastly, failure is a good thing… It is the fastest way to learn something!

Today’s Workout is…

Part A:
2 Rounds (45 sec work/15 sec rest)
Min 1: Sit Ups
Min 2: Russian Twists
Min 3: Thai Plank
Min 4: Leg Levers
Min 5: Bicycle

Part B:
14 minutes Max Wallballs
*Every time you break/rest = 200m (diet) Rack Carry (on the light side)

Post by Chris;follow me on instagram  @mr.cpm

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