People need to be Reminded (Re-sold) more than they need to be told” ~ Me:-)

If we divided 2019 into 3 this would end the 1st Trimester of the year.  With that, lets STOP the world for a moment and check-in.

It is waay too easy to let the time fly by, the days pile up and you ‘wake up’ one day and go “Where did the last 5.5 years go?!?

Here are 3 of the most important questions I like to ask myself, my wife, clients and those around me who I care about…

A. Why we got started?
B. What we are doing right now?
C. Where we are going?

Now those can be very broad so I’ve broken down those categories to help you (and me) get more focused and more actionable answers… Answers these questions below and let us know how we can help you transform and have that CPM Dream Body you want, need and deserve!


1. How many years have you been working out or health conscious?
A. 0-5 months
B. 6-11 months
C. 1-3 years
D. 4+ years

2. Please describe the current state of your fitness.

3. What is your main reason for attending CPMFITness? Why are you a member at the gym?

4. What do you feel is your best traits, characteristics and/or strengths? Is there anything you do especially well that you contribute to the CPM community?

6. What’s the next BIG thing for you and your Health and FITness? What are you working on right now that you are excited about?

7. What are 2-3 of your biggest challenges or 2-3 things you need help with?

8. What differentiates you from the other CPMFITness members?

9. What would have to happen at CPMFITness for you to say you are completely happy with your ROI (return on investment)?


We get very caught up in the day to day of our commitments and responsibilities. It can easily distract us from why we got started in the first place and what we truly want to accomplish. No wonder why it’s a challenge to get and stay motivated.

Make the Time today to get Re-Aligned | Reminded | Re-Sold  on whats important and your next set of results are just waiting for you in this next Tri-mester!

Today’s Workout Is…

5-Rounds for Time
200m Farmer Carry
15 Deficit Push-ups
10 DB Shoulder to OverHead
250m Row

Post by Chris; @mr.cpm

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