Spring 🌻has arrived! Which means its time to get organized and start cleaning out the clutter. For me this starts with my mind.

Lately I feel that my brain is in constant overdrive. A chaotic mess of worries, TDL’s, family schedules and noise. A telltale sign that I need to free up some headspace.

Unlike our closets and cupboards, thoughts are not just lying around waiting for us to pick which ones we want to keep and which ones we would like to donate. Our brains are complex and confusing. So many things are filtered in and out leaving behind old scars that continue to get layered on.

So where does one start the decluttering process?

By becoming intentional on where we place our attention and how we spend our time and energy.

Here are some tips to help you do just that.

  1. Take a deep breathe. Pause. Exhale slowly. Repeat.
  2. Journal. Thoughts to paper, frees the mind.
  3. Prioritize. List goals, motivations and relationships that matters the most. Create an action plan and decide what is worth the compromise.
  4. Exercise. Move. Sweat. Stretch.
  5. Let Go. Give up what is weighing you down. Replace these negative emotions and thoughts with positive ones. Worrying gets us nowhere.
  6. Stop multi-tasking. Focus on one task at a time. Then move on to the next. Keep TDL’s simple and realistic.
  7. Declutter your surroundings. Visual clutter occupies the mind. Clean and organize a space to gather yourself and help de-stress your day.
  8. Vent. Sometimes it nice to just unleash your thoughts. Get a fresh perspective but make sure you return the favor.
  9. Put other’s first. If you want to see more of something in your life, start giving that thing away – be it love, money or even a smile. I believe in Karma.
  10. Take a break. Allow your brain to unwind and rest. Get outside. Take a long walk. Or maybe a nap or a bath. Find something that makes you happy.

Life is full of surprises! 😯 We control how we respond to them. The best way to strike a balance is to roll with the punches and go with the flow.

This begins by having an open mind.



7 Rounds:
**every 4 minutes**
250 m Row
25 Wall Balls
20 Wt Sit ups

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