When I think of Babs I think of the word, “Powerhouse!”. She packs a strong body, BIG voice, lots of fun to be around and is as sweet as they come. When you find a coach that practices what they preach and have a passion for helping others, you have found a winner!

Introduce yourself and how long you have been with us?

I enjoy challenging myself with heavy weight (hitting PR’s) but then also with workouts that are mentally challenging to me (ie cardio heavy workouts). I joined in 2014 and have been coaching since 2016????

What is your favorite part about coaching with us?

Watching members grow physically and gain confidence. Hitting their first double under! Or hitting a new PR!

What is the biggest benefit you get from CPM outside of the gym?

Physical strength and mental confidence. I never thought I’d DL 300 pounds…

What is one unexpected thing about the gym that you really enjoy?


How would you describe your coaching style? What is your superpower as a Coach?

My secret weapon is little tricks or cues that I come up with… for example I always say a lift starts before you even begin to move the weight. By that I mean being in the proper starting position, muscles being fully engaged and mentally being ready. Also, I like to come up with ‘cute’ cues or tricks – for example when doing a split jerk, it can be hard to remember if you bring your front foot or your back foot in first. Well, remember FFF! Front Foot First. Cute, huh?!

What is your favorite thing you do with your fitness outside of the gym?

I enjoy almost any physical activity. softball, wakeboarding. Also hoping to get into a few power lifting and CrossFit competitions this year.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting up?

Do it! We have such a diverse group of members with a wide variety of goals. And the best part is, each one of these members supports and cheers on the other members.

What advice would you give to a new member (maybe something you wish you were told when you were starting out)? 

To realize you don’t have to be ‘in shape’ to begin. I hear that too many times that someone needs to get into shape before they try out a gym. We are here to help you with that journey!

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Today’s Workout is…

A. EMOTM: 12 minutes
odd: 30-45 sec Hollow Hold
even: 45-sec Plate Snatch

B. 5 rounds for Time of:
1-minute handstand hold (accumulative)
21 toes-to-bars
200 meter run

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