Blake, aka “Ba-Locka”, aka “the Beard”, aka “Jorts” is our lead off man in the mornings 3x/wk over at the Western Mall. Blake is been a standout member for the first couple of years at CPM and even an even better Coach for the 3/5 years.

His classes and personality are upbeat, great variety of music and moods. He wants you to wake up BRIGHT and early with him Monday, Thursday and Fridays.

He’s got a full time day job, a beautiful bride (that teaches yoga at CPM) with their first baby on the way!!

Learn a little more about Blake, his style and drive.

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Introduce yourself and how long you have been with us?

My name is Blake Lynch, I’ve been with CPM for over 5 years now, coaching for 3. My wife teaches yoga currently, but I’m suspecting that she’ll be taking a hiatus for a couple of months soon due to our first born that’s due in May. As far as the beard is concerned, I feel like it will sometimes give me extra strength at times, so if you see me with a weight vest on, you’ll know why.

What is your favorite part about coaching with us?

Never been a part of a gym like this before that has such a wide range of members, but still know how to have a good time while they’re getting fit.

What is the biggest benefit you get from CPM outside of the gym?

I’d have to say the group of friends I’ve gained from the people I’ve met through the gym.

What is one unexpected thing about the gym that you really enjoy?

When I first started at CPM, my time was 5:30pm always. Never thought I’d ever be able to be a morning person. Once I went through CDA, the only available time for me to coach was 5am, and since then, I’ve finally grown up, I go to bed at a reasonable time (which my wife is thankful for) and I love how much you can get done when you don’t sleep time noon on the weekends now!

How would you describe your coaching style? What is your superpower as a Coach?

Well I have to give credit to our programmers, because I know from experience just how much time and energy goes into this aspect of the gym. In saying that, since I coach the first class of they day, sometimes they don’t always go as written, so there’s definitely some imrov skills that come along with the 5am’ers. Probably the wide variety of music you’re going to get with me. One day we could be listening to some new hip hop, then switch it up to some classic rock, all depends on the class. (I don’t think you would characterize that as a superpower but I’m going with it.)

What is your favorite thing you do with your fitness outside of the gym?

I’d say between my extra curricular activities during the summer, or the endurance it sometimes takes to go hunting.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting up?

I’d say that if you want to experience getting fit with great coaches who care about their clients overall health and well being, don’t mind spending 45min a day with a great group of people who are all there for the same reason–to improve their health, then this is the place for you. (Mornings at the WM of course :))

What advice would you give to a new member (maybe something you wish you were told when you were starting out)? 

As easy as it may seem to get caught up with numbers on the board, and competing with other members that are in class with you, focus on proper form and really feeling comfortable with the movements. I have a competitive nature and I just wanted to run with the wolves, but the sooner you get the form down, the quicker you’ll start to see results.

Today’s Workout is…

Minutes 0-15:
Ball Slams
Box Jump Over
Sit to Stand

Minutes 15-30:
Ball Slams
Box Jump Over
Sit to Stand

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