BFF stands for Blonde, Fit and Fun. Brooke has been a standout member for a few years and over the last year taken her talents to coaching at CPM. She has got to be one of my most favorite people to be around.

If I had a nickel for when someone has stand, “I wish I did CPM when I was younger….” Brooke is fortunate to be on that younger side and she excels at sharing her knowledge and passion for making Health and FITness apart of anyones lifestyle (no matter the age).

Introduce yourself and how long you have been with us?

So I am a coach here at CPM been coming here for about 4 years. I have a  4 year olf fur baby and a husband . I am a nurse outside the gym at Sanford.

What is your favorite part about coaching with us?

My favorite part is that I love helping people achieve their goals and feel good about what they do. When someone needs the confidence or push. I love being that person for them.

What is the biggest benefit you get from CPM outside of the gym?

Life long friends and a support system. Also talking my physical abilities to my everyday life.

What is one unexpected thing about the gym that you really enjoy?

How great of a workout you can get with just your body weight. ( ok but let’s be real I love the barbell)

How would you describe your coaching style? What is your superpower as a Coach?

My coaching style is calm and direct. I’m super transparent and am honest about expectations. My superpower is my ability to talk to just about anyone.

What is your favorite thing you do with your fitness outside of the gym?

Walking my dog without getting tired. Also doing my tasks as a nurse with good body mechanics and the strength behind it.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting up?

Do it! It’s the best move I ever made at my life at 21. I will never look at fitness and health the same. Also, it can be designed for anyone’s needs in fitness

What advice would you give to a new member (maybe something you wish you were told when you were starting out)? 

Don’t be afraid to have fun and sweat at the same time . Learn what an epsom salt bath (LINK) is ( it will save you)

Today’s Workout is…

A: Bench Press

B: Partner WOD
AMRAP 15 minutes
P1: 100m Farmer Carry
P2: Clusters

Post by Chris; follow me on instagram @mr.cpm

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