A flexible and mobile body in my opinion is one of the KEY ingredients for…

  • An effective workout routine
  • Preventing injury
  • Aging gracefully

However, out of most things in the FITness world (lifting weights, diet, supplements, cardio, calisthenics) flexibility can be argued as the most understood of them all.


You Have to Stretch A LOT, Like Everyday

If you have poor flexibility then more is not better. You either get really good at a poor flexibility routine or you get defeated because the amount of effort and time it will take to stretch (a lot & everyday) will not be worth the lack of results to continue.

You Are Not Strength Training Your Stretching

Passive stretching is great, when you already have good flexibility. Passive stretching does a great job opening up the body and reinforcing positions by telling the brain this is a safe comfortable position.

But, to improve flexibility you need to stop passive stretching and start Strength Training Flexibility.

Increased range of motion needs to be unlocked from your nerves and brain not your muscles. When you strength train flexibility you create contractions which sent signals to the brain. Those signals are connecting and ‘syncing up’ with the nervous system to tell the brain this is a safe place and the body will open up and relax into more range of motion.

Do Different Types of Stretching 

Just like there are various ways to improve your strength training with weightlifting there is various ways to improve your flexibility. Below are a few of my favorites…

  • Isometrics
  • Sets with Repetitions
  • Time under Tension
  • PNF Stretching (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)
  • Eccentrics

I Am Just Not Flexible” 

In all fairness some people are born with more flexibility than others. But in reality, those who say that phrase are don’t stretch out or never really dedicated themselves to an effective flexibility program.

Flexibility is totally train-able! Just like anything in life it takes work. But with the right program, consistency and effort anyone can gain flexibility. Pro-Tip: It is much easier to KEEP flexibility then to GET Flexible. 

Tuesday’s Workout Is…

For Time:
400m Run
50 Box Jumps Overs
40 Goblet Walking Lunges
30 HR Pushups
50 Up Downs
30 HR Pushups
40 Goblet Walking Lunges
50 Box Jump Overs
400m Run

Post by Chris; @mr.cpm