Just their names alone can give you a pretty good idea of the difference between a Compound and an Isolation lift.

Isolation movements are single joint exercises that target a specific muscle with minimal involvement from other muscle groups. A great example is a bicep curl.

Compound movements are multi joint exercises that involve the use of more than one major muscle group. A great example is a bench press. Both elbow and shoulder joints are involved in this exercise.

So which type of movement is better? Personally, I prefer compound movements. They simulate real world situations better than isolation movements, generally burn more calories and allow you to lift heavier loads. My favorite lifts, the Olympic Lifts (Snatch & Clean), are my absolutely favorites. These lifts work almost every joint and muscle in your body. They develop power, speed, strength, agility… I could go on and on!

Does that mean I don’t recommend isolation lifts at all? Of course not! These lifts have their place and time. Isolation lifts are great for helping to correct muscle weakness or imbalance. They are also great for increasing the size of a particular muscle group. Probably the reason why the guys do Curls for the Girls! 💪

Short on time? Hit the compound movements. Learn to use a barbell and fit it into your workouts. You will see results! Looking to build those bi’s and tri’s, add in some isolation lifts to achieve the size you want.

Happy lifting! 🏋🏽‍♀️

~Mother Plucker

Part A:
Hang Snatch

Part B:
12 Cal Row
6 Hang Snatch (95/65)
2 T2B
**Increase by 2 T2B each round**”

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