Success is a comfort awarded to those only willing to do the uncomfortable. Comfort is a stagnation. Growth requires a constant state of discomfort.

Well that sucks!… Well… Actually when you really understand this it can be empowering.

How can you want to be uncomfortable? How can you consistently put up with the ‘HARD’?

Here are 5 great tips from a (virtual) mentor of mine, Darren Hardy.

1. Do what you resist!
When giving a choice between (2) options pick the one with most resistance.
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2. Push past HARD!
When your brain says back off, it is a REAL clue that growth is on the other side when you push past HARD and GO HARDER!

3. Go for Failure.
-When I see the word Failure I don’t see something negative. I really see the word “Limits”. We can all handle more than we think we can. If we don’t go for Failure when won’t be able to push our limits and achieve more.

4. Suck it Up
Discipline, Consistency, Willpower are HARD for everyone! The successful and unsuccessful have the same thing in common, they both don’t like HARD! But the secret is everyone else won’t do it, so when you do it you can achieve it!
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5. Super Size Your Goals!
I’ve heard (and personally believe) what we believe we can achieve is only about 40% of what we actually can…
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Those were my take-aways from DHardy’s Top 5. Listen/watch his explanation below!


Wednesday’s Workout is…

For Time:

A: EMOM: 8min
Odd: 10-15 Deck Squats
Even: 5 PassThru’s + 10 KB Windmills

B: 5 rounds for Time
7 Left arm KB Rows
7 Right arm KB Rows
21 DB Bench Press
500m Row

Post by Chris; follow me on instagram; @mr.cpm

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