Through my 13 years as a fitness professional, I have witnessed it, done it, and or worked with pretty much everything the fitness world has to offer.

For myself, I have experienced fitness regimes that have worked, but also bad habits that detoured me from reaching my ultimate goals and potential.

Here are my top 5 Fitness Road Blocks to avoid at ALL costs!!!!

These road blocks could be keeping you from attaining your ultimate goals and keeping you on a path of plateaus!

#1 Avoiding Strength Training:

Most of us women avoid strength training in fear of getting “big”, but unless you are eating obscene amounts of food and working on heavy (and I mean heavy) lifts each day with no cardiovascular activity you may see an increase in your muscle gain. But in all honesty unless you are very aware that’s your goal will work out in this way.

#2 Diet

There is many details that can go into this topic, but to keep it to the point; make sure you are not running on empty you can’t expect a car to drive so why do you expect to perform at your best? Just as importantly as fueling before, fueling after is just as beneficial!

Make sure you are eating the proper foods that will make your workout that much more efficient. Last, don’t treat yourself to everything that you see just because you are working out now. Diet is 80% of this and although working out is fantastic it will not get you to your goals without the diet in check!

#3 Doing the same activity everyday and expecting a different result –

Change up your routine… not only will it leave you always excited about fitness….it will allow you to take your fitness to the next level!

#4 Intensity (or lack there of) 

With no intensity comes, no results! So put down the cell phone, the magazine/book, and get that iPod on!  Blast your music and workout to the cadence or beat, it will make your workout fly by and take your fitness up a notch (or two or three)!

#5 Stretch

Stretching is the key to the longevity…. and especially in fitness. This prevents injury and soreness, and allows you the ability to work to your full potential!

CPM’ers … how are you going to take your fitness to the next level?

Answer in the comments below..

The O-Board Says…
A. 3 Rep Overhead Squat
8 Rds 90 sec on

B. Amrap 14 Minutes
50 Double Unders
40 Goblet Squat
30 Hollow Rocks
20 Chest to Bar Pullups
10 HSPU or 1 minute Handstand Hold

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