We know the COVID-19 is on the mind of everyone. No matter what your opinion is with the current state of the coronavirus we are taking everything into consideration and remaining open for now. We will continue our same hours class schedule. We’ve reviewed all the metrics across the gym industry and we fall in line with practical social distancing (see below) in the gym world.


MONDAY: 50’s and Max reps: Squats, Burpees, KB Swings, Box Jumps, Running and Rowing

TUESDAY: FRONT SQUAT, Pull-ups and Push-ups

WEDNESDAY: Box Jumps, Ball Slams, Deck Squats, Farmer Carry

THURSDAY: Cindy, with Medball Cleans and Situps

FRIDAY: STO, row for cals and BB lateral hops



Our Goal at CPMFITness is and always has been with building you up in margin for Health. You are definitely healthier than most people. That means your immune system is much stronger than most of the population. Congratulations, we don’t want you to lose that, we don’t want you to stop training.

If you are worried about going into public places or coming into the gym we understand and we would love to offer you the option to train and coach you at home with customized programming until you are comfortable coming back to the gym (for the same price you are paying; see below)




  • No classes larger than 15. (industry standards are 20)
  • Sign up for classes as early as possible! Lets omit the signing in as you are driving to the gym;-)
  • We have updated Pike Class Scheduler to show you how many spots are left in class. If you see a higher number of spots open and you have the availability then choose another less attended class.


  • Individuals to remain at a distance of 2m (6.5 feet)
  • Increased cleaning of your equipment pre and post class.
  • No sharing of equipment whatsoever.
  • WE HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY at this time to make our communities as healthy as possible in order to keep our members asymptomatic and recovering quickly in order to prevent further systemic health and care breakdown.

OTHER OPTIONS (AT-HOME COACHING) (as mentioned above)

Again, if you are nervous about being in a group environment, in a mandatory quarantine, performing a self quarantine or feeling under the weather/ill we want to extend the opportunity to you of coaching you virtually.

Short and sweet we will deliver you customized workouts that you will be able to do from home no matter if you have a full garage gym or little to no equipment. This will include a custom workout to your goals and accountability and follow up.

We don’t want you to stop training!


Monday’s Workout Is…

For Time:
50 Situps
1200m Run
***Rest 3 Minutes***

50 Situps
800M Run
**Rest 2 Minutes**

50 Situps
400M Run
*Rest 1 Minute*

50 Situps
200M Run

Post by Chris; @mr.cpm