As I mentioned last week… (LINK)

At CPMFITness we believe true Functional FITness needs to be broad, inclusive with a mix of weight lifting, bodyweight calisthenics and high/medium/low intensity conditioning.

No matter anyone’s FITness level or ability we feel everyone has the opportunity to get as FIT as they want to get it.


With that, it is with great pleasure I re-introduce (we did waay back in 2014 + 2015) the CPM Combine…

What’s the Combine?

The Combine is a skills test, pure and simple. The CPM Combine will test your abilities across a variety of events. These events include conditioning, basic gymnastics, and weightlifting. At the end, participants know what they’re capable of, what you need to work on, and how much FITTER you’ve become since joining CPM.

How’s it work?

We set up the gym in areas. You’re given a handful of tasks and free reign of the gym to complete those tasks to set your scores. Each participant completes three 30 minute sections. Each section contains a mix of our selected events. Total time equals 90 minutes and at the end of it, you’ll definitely feel like you had a good workout!

We created a hard copy scorecard sheet for the CPM Combine participants will use to track their scores. After the event we will enter the data into a spreadsheet and share it with participants for record-keeping.

What are the events?

We are in the middle of finalizing the events and what we feel is worth testing in 2020. Check out what we did waay back in 2015…

30 min block 1:
2k row for time
Max double Under’s in 2 minutes
1 rep max back squat

30 min block 2:
400m sprint
Max set unbroken pull-up’s
Max handstand hold or unbroken handstand pushup
1 rep max clean

30 minute block 3:
Max L-Sit
Max unbroken toes to bar
1 rep max shoulder to overhead

We’re going to structure the participants into heats. Heats will begin at 8:00am with a new heat beginning each half hour. The last heat will begin at 9:30am.

The CPM Combine will take a full 90 minutes to complete, and we will start promptly at 8:00am. Participants should arrive early for their heat to warm up. (doors will open at 7:30am) Their will be a heat sign up board coming soon!

We will update the boards soon.

For now SAVE THE DATE FEBRUARY 22ND. Members Check out the Facebook Link (HERE)

Wednesday’s Workout Is…

AMRAP 15min
3 Handstand pushups
6 Power Cleans
9 BARD’s

6 Handstand pushups
9 Power Cleans
12 BARD’s

9 Handstand pushups
12 Power Cleans
15 BARD’s

12 Handstand pushups
15 Power Cleans
18 BARD’s

Post by Chris; @mr.cpm