No need to go thru your local drive thru, make these healthy recipes at home that taste just like your favorite fast food choices without all the negative side effects!

Here are my Top 5 fast foods recipe picks:

Avocado Burger – One of the most loved fast food treat from In and Out to Burger King, Five Guys etc are all famous for their delicious mouth watering burgers well now you can have the delicious taste and not wait in line to get it!

Chicken Fingers – From Kids to Adults of all ages, chicken fingers are one of the most popular fast food items to order off the menu! Place like Chic Filet, Popeyes, etc .. make people smile well now you can smile even brighter with this delicious chicken finger recipe!

Milk Shake – Cake Batter .. America’s most loved fast food dessert .. Dairy Queen, Culvers, and Wendy’s have people savoring every bite .. No need to wait for dessert with this healthy and delicious shake that will make the whole family want to stay in for their treat!

Egg Mcmuffin – I love fun ways to create new recipes with america’s most loved foods. Here is a great variation of the ever so popular “Egg McMuffin”.

Fries – These baked French fries will become a favorite in your home, and they taste delicious on their own, paired with the bison burger or chicken tenders—or even dipped into that homemade

The O-Board Says…

A. Rowing Drills
Min 1: Arms Only
Min 2: Arms and Body (arms extending)
Min: 3 Full Slide

B. 3-Rounds for Time:
1000m Row
200m FC
50m Waiter’s Walk (R)
50m Waiter’s Walk (L)

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