What is that??
AMRAP, EMOTM, STO, Pistol, RX, Chipper…

What did you say??
Double Bang? Spousing? Cherry Picker? the Fist? FNL?

Part of the power of our community is the terminology, acronyms, nicknames and overall lingo we use at the gym(s). It’s cool to have our own language, inside jokes and different ways of communicating with each other inside the walls of the “box”:)

However for a new person (#rookies) it can be imitating, confusing, isolate them or even demotivating:-O

Consider the list below the cliff notes to understanding the lingo we use and why we use it. Enjoy!

AM I MISSING ANYTHING?? Please comment if so. 

Most Popular Terms or Phrases…

Double Banging = Completing 2 classes in the same day. (LINK for more info)
Spousing = When 2 spouses are in the same class and one coaches the other:-O (LINK for more info)
Cherry Picking = Choosing to skip a workout after you know what it is; Click LINK for more info. Also this LINK2
Gym-Phobia =Gymtimidation and fear of even stepping into the gym. (LINK for more info)
Chalk Friendly = Using chalk helps grip. Getting chalk on the floor makes me MAD!
Gym Hair = I just love it! Shows the sign of hard work and commitment to your FITness. (LINK for more)
Why We Have Salt by the Culligan = It is hydrating (without sugar) = LINK

Most Popular Events, Challenges and Locations…

Sleigh the Rower = Our Annual Holiday Challenge (LINK for info) 
FNL = Friday Night Lights. Annual event we do that is so much FUN! Click LINK for more info. Also this LINK2
WLC (Whole Life Challenge) = Is an 8 week Global Online Wellness Challenge we did twice. In the Fall of 2016 we had our BIGGEST participation to date; 144 members. 
Whole30 = Is a 30 day Elimination Nutrition Practice we’ve done a few times at the gym. Check out www.whole30.com for more.
2.0 = Is the Downtown Location. Our 2nd location. 111 S. Main Ave. (LINK for more why)
DTap = DocuTAP. Our corporate client downtown (LINK to why). Their FIT classes do the same workouts of the day. We also do Yoga, a beginner class and have Adult Recess (LINK) they as well:-)

Our History…

The Story of CPMFITness = LINK
How It All Started For Us and Sioux Falls = LINK
Why We Came Back to the SoDak  =  LINK

The O-Board Says…

A. Strict Press

B. 3 Rounds for Time:
30 Slam Balls
30 Wall Balls
30/21 Calorie Row

Post by Chris; follow me on snapchat; mr_cpm

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