I had made dinner for some family friends on Tuesday evening and as we were sitting at the table eating, my friend was inquiring how I began to enjoy cooking and how can I eat so healthy all the time?

My first response was that cooking has become my sanctuary and my creative outlet! There is always new fun recipes to try, fun foods to experiment with, and my favorite part is watching the people I cook for enjoy the meals I prepare.

With nutrition it is really simple, yet not easy. My friends went on to interview me and ask what “cheat” foods I partake in… First off I hate the word “cheat” it is a negative connotation to food and it allows us to feel that we are doing something wrong. We are adults that make conscious decisions on what we put in our body and we are all entitled to a little “treat” no and then as I believe life is about enjoyment (just don’t over or under indulge).

I began to explain to her the way that I teach my clients to view foods and their relationships (which I feel is the key component) from a “health” aspect. I want to eat good foods because they make me feel good or I do not want to eat bad foods because they don’t make me feel good. Like I said very simple, yet not so easy.

When I first sit down with clients I find out what their current eating routine is. What foods they really “can’t live without”. What foods they eat because it’s there, and what foods they would ultimately want to eat.

Next we put together a game plan that fits their personality. I do not expect a client who has never run before to go out and run a 5K. They would begin with 800 meters, then a mile, two miles etc… until they are running a 5K. It is the same tactic with nutrition.

For most people the minute you tell them to “diet” or eliminate foods from their diet they immediately feel restricted and go into a “panic” type mode. But if you take a much simpler approach and explain what you are going to add to their life not take away you automatically have a completely different reaction to the same ultimate goal of feeling your best.

Instead of saying you can no longer eat bread, I tell them to add 80 ounces of water and eat more veggies.Did they have more energy, less cravings, better sleep etc… If we can focus on the positive effects that are happening to our bodies from the healthy changes we are incorporating, we are much more attracted to the foods that make us feel good.

The more we focus on the small success we are having each week, the more success we have. It will also allow you to really educate yourself on recipes, why it is you should eliminate the bad foods, what exactly you want to get out of this lifestyle etc…

Chris puts nutrition into a phrase that definitely pays…. He says if you have 22 meals in a typically week and 17 of them are positive that is a success! We as humans are not created to be perfect but if we live an 80/20 lifestyle, meaning 80% of your meals are nutritious and beneficial you will be feeling great and looking great for years to come!

What challenges are you facing that are hindering you from feeling the best you have yet?


Monday’s Workout is…

A. 4 Rounds:
Every 75sec; 3 Cleans and 3 Jerk

B. AMRAP: 25
1 Round Cindy
1 Round DT

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