Merry Everything and a Happy Always!🎄

Monday: 12 days of Christmas, come check out this very special workout Monday 8:30a at the Western Mall!
Tuesday: CLOSED, Enjoy the holiday and we will see you Wednesday!
Wednesday: Running, Deadlift, Hang Cleans, and Push Press
Thursday: OH Squat, Wtd Step-Up and running
Friday: Bench Press, Run, KB Snatch, KB Swing, Deadlift Hold, Rowing

The O-Board Says…

12 Days of XMAS (Ba-Locka special)
2 DB Thursters
3 DB Push Press
4 DB Power Cleans
5 KB Swings
6 DB Power Snatch
7 Pullups (2 MUs)
8 Leg Levers
9 Box Jumps
10 OH Walking Lunges (Plate)
11 Double Unders
12 Man Makers

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