Monday: ABS, Run, Doubles, Row, Power Cleans
Tuesday: KB Swings, Burpees, KB Snatch, KB Push Press, KB Goblet Squat
Wednesday: OH Squat, T2B, Run
Thursday: Leg Levers, Farmer Carry, Lunges, HS Taps
Friday: Doubles, Squats, Plate Snatch

The O-Board Says…

30sec Elbow Plank
20 Windsheid Wipers
30 Bicycles (2ct)
20 Plank Up’s
1min Elbow Plank
20 Windsheild Wipers
30 Bicycles (2ct)
30 Plank Ups

B. 0-10min
P1 = 200m Sprint
P2 = MAX Double Unders

P1 = 400m Row
P2 = MAX Power Cleans

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