Quote for this Week… Your goal(s) will NEVER interrupt you… You HAVE to pursue them! All the time!!

Monday: Strength session of Deadlifts! We will coach you through how to stabilize your entire body to help translate to lots of movements we do and result in a leaner and stronger YOU! Conditioning includes some pushups and double under intervals. #TGIM

Tuesday: Work and rest intervals of KB Swings + Hang Pwr Cleans + Ball Slams. High heart-rate and fast moving during each set and 2 min to recover. Attack each set like its the 1st round – every round 🙂

Wednesday: Mother Plucker’s initial workout introduction will not disappoint. (2) 12 min AMRAP of running and lunging for the first and a ladder up of Toes to Bar and Box Jumps!

Thursday: We have a strength session of a complex of 3 different ways to get the bar from shoulder to overhead. The conditioning piece will include Clean + Jerks, Ring Dips and 200m run’s.

Friday: Finishing out the week with some HIGH intensity work! (2) 10 minute AMRAPs with a buy-in of 1k row and then a core combo for the 2nd one. Think pushups, ring rows, KB swings and goblet squats.

Cheers to Living Better Than Last Week!

The O-Board Says…

Part A. Every 2 Minutes

Complete 3 Rounds for Reps (9)
45sec Max Pushups….
–Rest 90sec–….
45sec Max Double Unders
–Rest 90sec–

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