We all know the importance of exercise but now more then ever do we have a VERY good reason to continue with our regimen, even it that means doing it from home. I am guilty of spending too much time on social media and the news dwelling on what’s next. Working out not only contributes to good health, which helps us maintain a sturdy immune system but it can boost our mood a bit. And I think we ALL could use a lift right now.

So what are the essentials to create a home gym?

  1. Find a space. The spare bedroom, office, garage or even back porch/patio, are all great spaces for exercise. If you don’t have a spare room, a small area in your home, like the living room, can double up as your workout space as well.
  2. “Feng Shui” your space. I love natural light. Open the shades and curtains and if needed add some additional lighting to help boost your mood. Make sure your space is free from clutter or other distractions that might call your attention away from your workout.
  3. You don’t need a ton of equipment to make your home gym an effective place to exercise. Sometime we just need to start with what we have. With gyms around the country forced to close, dumbbells seem to become the new toilet paper.😳

Here are 3-levels of home equipment needs:

  1. Basic (Bare Essentials):
    • Cardio: Jump rope, Outside Run/Walk
    • Free Weights: Your Body!
    • Additional tools around the house: a broomstick, chairs/barstools, a backpack filled with books, soup cans and gallon jugs filled with water
  2. Middle of the road (everything that applies to the basics +):
    • Cardio: 1 piece of cardio equipment (rower/treadmill/bike/EFX)
    • Free Weights: kettlebells, dumbbells, slam ball/wall ball
    • Additional equipment: a doorway pull-up bar, TRX bands, a step platform
  3. Fully Outfitted Garage Gym (basics and middle of the road +):
    • Cardio: 2 or 3 pieces of cardio equipment
    • Free Weights: barbell, weight plates
    • Additional equipment: squat rack, bench press, plyo boxes, homemade pull-up bar

Remember that equipment may be important but it is not the deciding factor as to whether you succeed. Without discipline and enthusiasm if just doesn’t matter. So blare the music 🎶, get creative and get 2 the (your) gym!💪🏽



A. Snatch

Min1 : 200m Sprint
Min 2: Max Wall Balls
Min 3: Rest