I have read many of your success stories from all of you over the course of CPMFITness history. Most of you had included that over the years you have had some sort of negative association with food and exercise. Whether it be working out obsessively, eating for the wrong reasons, or mentally beating yourself down because you didn’t feel accomplished about who you were.

It seems this is very prevolant in our society. We either have a mansion or a shack. We eat a meal that could feed a family of five for one meal, or we starve ourselves. Where is the “balance” and happy place in all of it?

We are so overloaded with information everywhere you turn, how can you not get a little flustered …. Here’s how..

Here are some helpful tips to make habits to keep you feeling healthy and happy mentally and physically:

#1 Don’t exercise to eat .. eat to exercise: Make it simple take the “calories” out of it and eat to fuel your body! Exercising to “look a certain way” can put you on a very unhealthy path with no end in sight. I have seen this time and time again. Or those who “cut calories” or eat whatever they want because they “can” now that they workout. Why not find balance… Chris puts it perfectly and simply take a typically week of meals, if you consume 21 meals make sure 18 of them are quality good “fueling” meals and that will equal longevity!

#2 Seek A Support System: At CPMFITness we pride ourselves on the community and the wonderful people who are involved. It is so fun to see people make friends, workout out with friends, and encourage one another. When you have a good support system it is a much healthier environment. You don’t get in your own way, as a lot of people tend to do who are not supported. It is harder to become compulsive or lazy when you have a community and/or friend holding you accountable.

#3 No the Difference Between the “Good” Hurt and the “Bad”: You hear so much about the whole ‘no pain, no gain’ attitude,” but is that really going to get us the long-term results we want or need? “I think we really have to redefine what pain is.” Yes, you want to feel like you worked hard, you want some fatigue, you might even enjoy your second-day soreness. But feeling “bad” discomfort in joints, or feeling so exhausted you feel like you have adrenal fatigue is not healthy to you overall. If you are always nagging injuries you can’t workout as effectively as you could if you just let your body rest a day or two. In that time really focus on mobility, flexibility, and attending to your injury. You will be able to do what you love for much longer.

#4 Put the “fun” Back in Fitness: Choose 1 or 2 days a week to “play”. There is a reason that children look forward to recess …. It’s fun! So why can’t we do the same as adults. Have fun with fitness and you are much more likely to keep your routine a habit. Go for a hike, play at the park with your kids, go biking, play tennis or golf and enjoy every minute of it!

What are some “healthy ways” you are going to make your fitness habits healthy?

The O-Board Says…

20-1 kb swings
1-20 burpees

Posted By: Annie