I have this concept that I am very passionate about, “True Wealth is Your Health”. But it’s more than a cliche to me.

What if you looked at FITness the same way you looked at your finances? 

Conceptually, any money metric you can think of (income, debt, interest, investments, deposit, credits, Profit and Loss statement, etc…) can be translated to a Health Metric (muscle mass, body fat, blood pressure, cholesterol, bone destiny, etc…).

My first example (of many more to come :-)…

Interest = Metabolism

Interest on your money from an investment standpoint is great! Money earning money and the power of compounding interest wins everyday of the week. However, interest in the form of debt is the very opposite. If/when you dig yourself into debt and finding yourself making the minimum  payment on a loan/credit card(s) on the balance owed will in turn multiple and end up making you pay way more than the original purchase(s).

Couldn’t metabolism in your body be looked at the same ‘conceptually’??

Those who are in great physical shape have their metabolism working for them, just like investment income!

However someone who is overweight/obese their metabolism is in ‘debt’ and working against them?!? If they eat one compliant meal (LINK) or a few healthy meals a week; Isn’t that the same as making ONLY the minimum payment on your credit card(s)?!?! If so, will you ever get out of debt with that plan? #probablyNot

MONEY STAT = 78% of Americans are living Paycheck to Paycheck = LINK

FITness STAT = Nearly three quarters of American Men and 60% Women are overweight and/or obese! (LINK)

Coincidence?? Or maybe???

The thoughts, actions, habits, emotions and mentality it takes to be rich or poor translate to the same thoughts, actions, habits, emotions and mentality it takes to be FIT or FAT.

Todays Workout is…

A: Deadlifts

B. 21-18-15-12-9-6-3
Cal Row
Ring Dips

Cash Out:
4 Rounds
50 mtn Climbers
Accumulate 1 min Plank Hold

Post by Chris; follow me on instagram; @mr.cpm

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