“Your true beliefs are shown in your actions, not in your words.”

This can be the best of times or the worst of times. A brand New Year provides us with the most overrated word on the planet, “New Year’s Resolutions”. People all over the world are saying they are ready to conquer their goals (diet, career, smoking, etc..) once and for all. But every year the reality of all this talk is maybe 8% achieve what they set out too. And it is not about your lack of will-power, lack of money, lack of family/friends support, lack of time, etc….

One of the most objective measures in life is time. There is nothing emotional about it. Time is impartial, ticks on regardless of what is happening in the world, we all have the same amount, it doesn’t judge or show favoritism, it just goes on and we have the choice on how to use it. The problem is we twist the objective and make it subjective when we don’t have it. we make it emotional to justify the reasons excuses why we don’t have it.

Please allow me to provide you with some of the tools that the success do to make them the success they are.

Know Your Priorities.
A BIG number to think about, but only for a moment, 70k! The average person has 70,000 thoughts per day. The point is, we get distracted ALOT! Our current world is all about noise and moving on to the next shiny, bright and new object. When we continue to get distracted and change course we end up…

Never sticking to anything –> get nowhere –> always feel frustrated –> continue to make the same resolutions year after year –> wonder why results never come our way.

Keep it simple. Minimize distraction. Stick to your plan and results will follow suit.

Track How You Use Your Time. 
People often don’t realize how poor they eat  until they track their food intake. People often don’t realize how much money they spend on something until they track their expenses. Similarly, you might not realize how you use your time until you track it.

In my case, 3 years ago I read a time management book (I wish I could recall the name of it) and in the preface of the book the author challenged the reader to track their time for one week before going any further in the book. I was blown away!! When I simply did a time log SHEET to track how much time I spend on my priorities. I noticed some eye-opening things of when I get distracted, was wasting time, on facebook and not being productive.

Time doesn’t lie. Track your time usage. Then you will be able to see your real situation.

“I don’t have any time” = Easiest And Most Lame Excuse Ever! (EAMLEE)

We all have the same amount of time. So you do in fact have the time. Instead of using the EAMLEE you need to sit down and change your EAMLEE and instead ask yourself, “How can I FREE UP or TRADE my time?” Once you do that, you have two choices…

Eliminate. Say no to non-essential things. As Rick Warren once said, you should say “no” to good opportunities so that you can say “yes” to the great ones.
Delegate. For things that you still need to do, try to get someone else to do them. You can use outsourcing web sites such Fiverr for this.

These two strategies will help you free up time for your priorities.

Maintain Life Balance.
Don’t forget that you should always keep your life balanced. For instance, maybe you need to adjust not eliminate your social life to free up time for your career priorities. I have six aspects for my life, Faith, Family, Health, Education, Wealth and Play and they must all be in balance.

I encourage you to have a full, rich and fulfilling life.

Stay Alert.
Matching your time allocation with your priorities is an on-going process. It’s not something you can do just once and be done with. The newer this is to you the more work it may take. Expect to have a learning curve and setbacks will happen. So stay alert and stay hungry to change yourself.

It is more than worth it!

The O-Board Says…

Buy in: 400m Farmer Carry

3 Rounds of:
25 Jumping Squats (with the Barbell)
25 Toes to Bar

*Finisher: Coach’s Call*

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