Now that you’ve figured out your exact limitations to the front rack let’s discuss programming this mobility work. There are a ba-zillion different mobility moves for each of the above areas and I’m not going to cover them. Instead I’ll give you an outline of what to do.

Part 1; You’ve got to Stretch 

  1. Spend 1-2 minutes on each of the specific above areas that you need to address.
  2. After addressing the individual components, use one of the below global mobilizations for ~2 minutes.

Here is a Cheat Sheet:
a. Wrist Work = LINK
b. Elbow Work = (pic above) 
c. Shoulder Work = LINK
d. Thoracic Work = LINK

Part 2: You’ve got to spend time (and learn) the Position

Banded Front Rack Mobilization to Fix Your Front Rack

Position a barbell at front rack height. Rest your elbow on that bar while holding one end of a resistance band in your hand. Place your foot in the other end and then push your foot to the ground to increase the degree of front rack mobilization.

Isometric Front Racks to Fix Your Front Rack

My next favorite drill is to load a heavy barbell in a rack and grab with one hand. Squat underneath the barbell with just one hand holding and fight to drive your elbow up. Repeated with the other hand.

Today’s Workout is…

For Time:
25 pullups
25 rack lunges
50 lateral hops
20 pullups
20 rack lunges
40 lateral hops
15 pullups
15 rack lunges
35 lateral hops
10 pullups
10 rack lunges
10 lateral hops
5 pullups
5 rack lunges
10 lateral hops

Last did 4/18/18

Post by Chris; follow me on instagram @mr.cpm

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