For some, Halloween is seen as the beginning of the end. The presence of candy in overflowing plastic pumpkins can be too much to resist. Bite by bite, we feel our reserve and commitment to a years worth of healthy habits dissolving with each discarded candy wrapper. For me it’s the candy corn. I have kept it out of my house the past few years but I caved this year. I told myself I had willpower, well let’s just say I DO NOT!

So how does one not allow Halloween to trick us out of our healthy ways and manage to embrace the upcoming holiday season?

Eat Nutritious Meals

Don’t’ overthink it. Keep it simple. Pile up your plate with fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. Flavor well, make your palate happy and leave the table satisfied. It’s best to wander the holiday season full and satisfied when snacks are heavily loaded with sugar and calories.

Plan Ahead

The further out you look at your day, week or month in advance the easier it with be to troubleshoot and stay consistent during the holiday season.

  • Schedule your workouts.
  • AMMAP (As Many Meals As Possible). Just like the workout version of AMRAP. When you cook, leverage your time and energy by cooking in bulk. Schedule meal prepping for 1-2 days a week.
  • Don’t skip meals
  • Eat prior to events/parties or better yet bring a healthy dish to share

Keep it Real

Losing “our way” is one of the scariest outcomes to happen this time of year. Despite months of striving to get and stay fit, there are days that threaten to jeopardize our efforts. These days seem to occur more frequently as cool weather arrives and comfort foods are craved.

Allow yourself the occasional slip, whether it’s a piece of pie or a lazy night of Netflix, it’s not a catastrophe and does not signal a downfall; just wake up tomorrow and get back on track.

Which brings me back to that candy corn…just one more handful and I will be done 😬




AMRAP 31min
75 Lateral Pumpkin Jump Overs
50 Pumpkin Wall Balls
50 Pumpkin Step Ups
75 Pumpkin Core Twists
400mRun/450m Row

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