Do you ever have one of those days that everything just sucks the life and joy right out of you? You call your best friend to vent and that helps get it off your chest, but your joy is still gone.  I had one of those days last week.  I found comfort in talking with a good friend.  After the 10 minute vent session, we looked at each other and simultaneously said it was time to throw some weight around!

Unleash your endorphins

Endorphins are chemicals produced naturally by the nervous system that help cope with stress and/or pain.  When this feel good chemical releases it decreases the brain’s perception of pain, making you feel that “runner’s high”.  Here are some great ways to unleash the endorphins


It has been proven that an increase in heart rate can stimulate the endorphins released in your body.  If you can push through that initial pain and discomfort you will fully experience the high you need!  The release of endorphins will improve your mood and an added bonus increase your confidence!

Some great forms of exercise…

  • Group fitness
  • Weightlifting
  • Walking/runing
  • Mowing/Gardening
  • Family play
  • Stretching

Your Tribe

I know one thing is for sure…my tribe makes me happy!  Your work tribe, your social tribe, and the tribe you take care of at home! Be with people who make you laugh! Just knowing that laughter is coming releases endorphins! Laughter also relieves tension and lifts the spirits so why not hang out with people who bring you joy!


Food can also play a roll in endorphins…a well balanced meal consisting of protein, carbs, and healthy fat can help many areas of your life!  A slim waist line, some muscle tone, more confidence, and most importantly a happy life!  Also, rumor has it (well actually studies show) that dark chocolate releases endorphins in your body!  But, be careful here!  Anything less than 70% cocoa means there is added sugar!  Look at those labels!


So to help live a happier life we need to consume regular exercise, find your tribe that gives joy (which in turn should lead to laughter), and indulge is some good dark chocolate…maybe with a glass of red wine to help those endorphins really boost!  Serious! This has been researched!