At the beginning of the year Chris asked each of us coaches to read ONE WORD THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, by Dan Britton, Jimmy Page, and Jon Gordon.  They promise it will take you forty minutes to read their book.  Or less!  It was a speedy read. I followed their simple instructions.  Prepare your heart, discover your word, live your word.

I went through many words…purpose, power, strength, and courage to name a few before I came upon the word EFFORT.

We may strive to always put our best effort forward. But have you ever found yourself deliberately putting in a sub-par effort?

Maybe you choose to walk during your run, not to research your meal online before heading out, or maybe you move slower or go lighter than you know you’re capable of during your workout. Whatever the case might be we often do this unconsciously.

But what is it we are actually afraid of? What happens if we do put in our best effort, but it’s still not the outcome we hoped for?

Every situation and experience allows for an opportunity to learn and grow. Showing up and giving our best, regardless of the outcome not only shows courage and vulnerability, but honesty and acceptance of ourselves in every situation.

Effort produces results. If we want change, it all starts with you.

Today, I will do my best. I will not give up no matter how many times life knocks me back. I will put my heart into what I do while forever diminishing the possibility of regret, guilt and of constantly judging myself.



A: Deadlift

B. “Annie on the Run”
– Double Under’s
– Sit-ups
**Run 400m after each round