This Saturday is our next opportunity to Exercise Your Gratitude!

Rally for Robbie | “Power Clean for the Cleaner”

All classes will be complimentary to our members and we ask for a $20 (or more:-) donation for Rob and his family.


On March 16th Rob collapsed after the St Patrick’s Day one mile race downtown.  Since then he has successfully had a heart valve replacement surgery. This has been quite a temporary set back for the Western Mall and for CPMFITness as Rob is such an extraordinary person and keeps the Western Mall in such great shape! Rob has always such a positive force and so helpful with anything we need at CPMFITness.

UPDATE on His Recovery and Event

He has a doctor appointment next week and will likely be able to drive. He’s in rehab and feeling pretty good. He gets tired easily though, but said it’s getting better recently. He said he probably won’t be back at work until June.

GREAT NEWS! The Western Mall and other partner companies are going to MATCH all the money we raise for this event! We can we raise $500 at CPM and turn that into $1500!!

What If You Can’t Make It This Saturday??

No sweat (either way;-) You can give to a donation at any point this week or next to any coach and we will get a big collection going to provide to him. We appreciate all your help and support.

Date: Saturday April 27th (all Western Mall Classes)
Time(s): 730a, 830a, 930a (yoga)

For More Details…We’ve created a Facebook Event (LINK) to get you more updates as they come in!


Today’s WORKout is…

A: Bear complex

B: 5 minute rounds (5-rounds)
500m Row
1 bear complex
Max burpees

Last done 4/4/17

Post by Chris; @mr.cpm

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