In a Fitness World filled with empty promises, lots of comparing, phony before and after pictures, challenges and free this and free that…Fake Fitness is EVERYWHERE! I like to say, “It’s attractive enough to be distractive enough!”

How often have you scrolled through your Instagram or Facebook feed and come across digitally altered photos of those perfectly shredded bodies. I bet it only takes a matter of seconds. People only show you what they want. Giving us this idea that perfection exists, when in reality it does not.

There are many things I like about social media but the one thing I wish I could change is the obsession with being perfect. We all have good, bad and normal days. There is no such thing as a perfect diet, or a perfect body or a perfect life. However there is this thing called beauty. It comes naturally and has nothing to do with appearance but with a kind, loving ❤️. We are not made to be Barbie Dolls who look good all the time. We are HUMAN and should be allowed to FEEL good 24/7.

This past year I have really focused on being happy and comfortable in my own skin, and today I can say I appreciate my body and what it does for me. I have learned to embrace my flaws and accept and love what I can’t change. Which has made me stronger 💪🏽, more resilient and more confident.

Comparison is the thief of joy yet we do it to ourselves everyday. So the next time you are scrolling through those flawless images online and those feeling of insecurities start to sink in, remember that it’s NOT real. What’s real is YOU and you are good enough for others as long as you feel good enough for yourself!



A. Cleans

B. 5 Rounds (1min ea) for MAX reps
Row for Cals
Deadlift Hold
Box Jumps (on the higher side)
*1-min rest between rounds

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