As I continue to uncover what my “one word” for this year should be, I came across the word fearless today as I was scrolling through all the Kobe Bryant tributes. There is no question the Laker legend represented what it means to be fearless.

Fear takes on many forms. If you have been reading my blogs you know by now that I am a perfectionist and I battle the fear of failure. I also fear looking back on my life and discovering wasted opportunities and unrealized potential.

Everyone experiences fear sometimes – it’s what makes us human.

So what does it mean to be fearless?

  • Fearlessness is about getting up more times than we fall down
  • Fearlessness is being aware of our weakness and learning how to disarm them
  • Fearlessness is controlling the voice inside your head that say’s you’re not enough
  • Fearlessness is living with intention to leave your mark on this world
  • Fearless is the ability to continue to live and do what you want despite feeling afraid

Ed Litton says,

“Fear is just a call to exercise courage.”

Without fear, we can’t have courage. We cannot act courageous unless we have something to protect, something to honor, something to prove or something to commit to. Fear is a call to action and that action should be courageous.

We have the power to change our narrative from one of fear, to one of fearlessness but this can only happen if we walk into our fears rather then running away from them. For me it’s learning to step outside my comfort zone and do the thing I am afraid of. It’s about finding the courage to dream again, the courage to take risks, the courage to allow myself the chance to fail. I can always start over and make changes. Nothing is set in stone except our wrongful mindset. The power of fear does not exist. It’s the idea that appears because we are unwilling to face it.

We will never completely eliminate fear from our lives, but we need to stop allowing fear to take over. Let today be the day we look fear in the eye and shoot it down and start living each day to the fullest!



A) Front Squats

B) Then a 14-min Ladder Of:

  • Front Squats (135/95)
  • 10 KB Swings
  • 10 Box Jumps

(FSq ladders up from 1…)