Fear of starting new….

Who has fear of starting something new? The dreadful fear of change? Some people just have the ability to embrace change.  Something new and different is exciting to them.  But, is it exciting to you?

I made a post almost a year ago on Facebook where I asked what the biggest fear/concerns are when starting at a new gym.  The response was huge!  Legit fears from people probably like you who fear the same things you probably fear. As a coach at CPM I want to help ease your mind on starting at a new gym!

Fear of being Shamed…

Shame….It’s a painful feeling of humiliation, typically a negative evaluation of your self.  Is your fear of starting a new gym because of the fear of being shamed?  Shamed that someone will judge you for the food you eat? For how much you weigh? First off, I want you to realize we all started this journey at ground zero, however,  that ground zero looks different for everyone!  I assume it’s a similar feeling in everyone that has started at the bottom.  We are not happy with what we see when we look in a mirror.  Realizing that that same feeling is shifting to our inner self.  We have become unhealthy inside and out.

A good coach should never shame, but instead help you through these concerns!  With my clients I remind them that I have once walked this same path! I sympathize with them because I know the feeling of shame!  I still feel guilty because of the food I intake and at times I am unhappy with who I see in the mirror.  I look to the coaches at CPMFitness myself when I am in need of good insight and the feeling of shame! It’s a constant reminder that all of our journey’s are different…there is no need for the shame game! We simply help navigate you through your journey!

I’m too out of shape…

You’re too out of shape? Isn’t that the reason to start taking care of yourself? I actually love this comment,  it’s the whole reason I believe in the CPM road map to success!  Our motto at CPMFitness…”Don’t join a gym, hire a coach.”  Here you get a coach that assesses your greatest needs and goals and help you focus on the correct road you should take.  Simply put, we start where you need to be started.  You haven’t touched a barbell before?  No problem!  Your coach will navigate those waters with you and get you ready!  Our job as coaches is to help GET you in shape! The classes will help KEEP you in shape!  You will never blindly jump into a class without our expertise!

Do you have a fear of being too sore to show up the next day?  I can’t lie here…you will be sore!  It’s muscles telling you thank you for using them again! It’s your body letting you know you worked hard! Congratulating you on your hard work and promising you progress is in the near future! This is what you needed!


Is the expense of the gym holding you back?  What would happen if you took a different approach to this?  Think of it as an investment. I know you have heard it before, but it’s true.  You are investing in your physical and mental health.  Think of it as a preventive medicine rather than reactive medicine.  We want to help prevent any health issues in our control rather than react to them when they eventually show up.  You may actually save money in the long run by saving you from doctor visits.  You can’t take care of your tribe until you take care of you!

Why hire a coach and not join a gym…

Why wouldn’t you hire a coach? Because it’s a road map to success!

  • One on one sessions to avoid any shaming
  • A Coach helps get you in shape
  • A Coach help you navigate through nutrition goals
  • A coach helps navigate workout goals
  • A coach for life

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Thursday’s Workout Is…

A) E2MOM 14

1 Snatch Grip High Pull
2 Hang Power Snatch
3 Overhead Squats


20 TOE 2 BAR
200 M RUN

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