I was looking through some old blogs to get some inspiration about what to write about this week and I can across one that hit close to home. What do you when you get frustrated with YOU?

Frustration winds you up and can suck the energy right out of you. It can be a major distraction that ends up stealing your valuable TIME!

So what happens when we are stuck in a rut? How do we crawl out of it?

Take Care of Yourself

Start by doing a quick assessment of how well you have been taking care of yourself. Have you been eating well and exercising? Sleeping enough? Connecting with family and friends? All of these things are essential to our physical and emotional health. The winter is tough for me. I tend to be a hermit and lack the socialization component. This begins to wear on me and I can tell my energy and mindset are affected. What areas could you improve upon? Start there and find ways to treat yourself a little better.

Change Your Routine

I am a huge fan of routines. They are a great way to manage your time and get a lot of stuff done. However these routines may be holding you back and not propelling you forward. These habits can lead to boredom. Look for ways to change things up. Add some different experiences throughout your day. Take a new route to work, tryout a few coffee venue, get outdoors, visit an old friend or better yet be spontaneous and live in the moment. You might be surprised at how little change in your routine can impact your entire day!

Find Your Purpose

I feel like a broken record on this topic but having things to look forward is a key ingredient to motivation. This can be as simple as having plans for the weekend or involve larger goals related to relationships or career. Regardless, having something to look forward can help cope with a troubled mindset. Give yourself something to get excited about. Makes plans for Friday night. Plan a vacation. Or maybe it’s giving back to others in need where we will find a greater sense of purpose and meaning.

Finding Acceptance

I was feeling frustrated about my life, wanting it to be at certain place this past week. Then I thought, maybe I am exactly were I need to be at this moment. It’s easy to feel guilty about not getting more done in week or fretting about wasting time. We are part of nature and nature needs downtime. We don’t need to go hundred miles per hour all the time. Find acceptance with being a bit more still in life. It may feel like a little staycation!

Just like feelings are fleeting, so are these seasons of “rut-ness”. Trust that this, too, shall pass. Try to find the meaning and lesson in your current situation and move forward in greatness.



3 rounds for time of:
– 15 inverted burpees
– 1,000-m row
– 15 burpees over the rower (or bar)

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