Why do You Workout?

Americans (CPM’ers in specific) spend a ton of time, energy, emotion and $$ on achieving their goals. For example, 43% of Americans (just under 140 MILLION people) say they plan to lose weight by making healthier food choices, but 76% said they did not follow a weight loss or diet program in 2014.

When you think of achiveing your goals what come to mind?

Work ethic? Sure.
Discipline?? Totally.
Commitment?? No doubt!

But what happens when life throws you a curve ball? What happens when you eat a ‘CHEAT’ meal? You go on vacation? Or you just lose the motivation?

I think we life gets tough we rely on the resources we just haven’t developed enough of yet. Work ethic, Discipline and Commitment takes time to develop just like Double Unders and Overhead Squats.

And the end of January/Early February is just about the time when a major portion of that 140 Million people throw in the towel to their NYR’s.

So I am happy to introduce to you, the Goal Patrol. Goal Patrol is a like minded team of individuals committed to the achievement of their goals but more importantly YOUR GOALS! Goal Patrol is a team (or club) that have their goals and commitments written on the Goal Patrol Board, formerly known as the Bring A Friend Board. The GP’ers are willing and able to share their resources with you to help hold you accountable and push you to your desired destination.

Join the Movement. Get your name of the Goal Patrol Board. State your Goal. Team up with the rest of the GP’ers. Crush it and have fun with the process.

The O-Board Says…

AMRAP 20 minutes of:
(Partner Style:)

P1 = Row 20 calories/Run 200 (alt.)
P2 = 10 Over the Bar Burpee
5 Ground to Shoulder

P1 = Pacer
P2 = AMRAP’s

*Parter will pick up the burpees and G2O where the last parter left off*

Post by Chris; @cmoknows

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