The Struggle of Gymtimidation is REAL…

To think you’re the only one who has a fear of starting at the gym would be a lie. They say the two most dreaded things are public speaking and taxes. I say there’s a third — getting to the gym.

It’s OK if you feel that way. Most people too felt that way at one time.

You’re probably thinking, “How can anyone enjoy working out?” But I say it is possible to enjoy it. Whoa, did I use the words “enjoy” and “working out” in the same sentence? Yes, I did!

Before we get to being able to enjoy exercising, we first have to overcome the fear of working out.Below is what I share with those I coach about how to overcome the fear of gymtimidation.

Take a look at the list and zero in on one or two. Work them hard and then move on and take another one or two. In a few weeks or a few months, you’ll have mastered the list and you’ll find yourself no longer being fearful of working out.

1. Write out a list of as many ways the gym can benefit you and your quality of life. 

Make the list as long as you can and then keep it somewhere you can see it daily (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, offices, etc..). The point is have it close to you whenever you’re motivation is low. The list is to remind you as to why you do what you do.

Here is a great example of 50 reasons = LINK

2. Set easy goals you can achieve.

You might be fearful of too BIG of a goal. Doing a REAL pull-up or losing 50+ pounds can seem too far out of reach. That’s okay, set your goals on actions rather than outcomes (doing something daily, or your weekly targets of sessions and compliant meals. By setting goals you can achieve, they will have more magnitude and create momentum from your momentum. Too big will feel too far and out of reach.

3. Remember that it’s not about them. It’s about you.

I would argue one of the biggest reasons why someone will NOT #get2thegym is the fear of how they will look around their peers. So if you think that, don’t you think they would think the same? If that is true then how are they coming and you are not. Well, because it’s not true. Every person is ultimately concerned more about themselves then those around you. They are spending their precious time and money to improve their lives rather than worrying about what you are doing.

4. Don’t expect overnight results.

“Nothing easy is worth it. Nothing worth it is easy.” Getting healthy and “in-shape” can  take time, more time than you originally think. Think about if it was easy. Wouldn’t everyone around you be Ripped, Rich and Happy all the time??;-)

I will also say that getting ahead in life… It just takes a little bit more. Because success isn’t easy most people will not stick with it. Which means when you do stick with it and do just a little bit more you can outpace the rest of those around you.

5. Don’t hang around negative people.

When you’re achieving something new and positive in your life you need positive voices. You can’t afford to have any type of negative noises coming into your mind.

Today’s Workout is…

400m Run
25 KettleBell Swings
200m Farmer Carry
200 Meter Waiter Walk
25 Box Jumps
100m Sprint
100m Walking Lunge
100m Sprint
100m Burpee Broad Jump
5 Muscle ups (sub 15 Pull-Ups/15 Dips)
400m Med Ball Run

Post by Chris; follow me on instagram @mr.cpm

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