It happens all the time when starting a new FITness regimen…You are motivated, excited and ready to conquer the world.

Jan 1st: YOU are on FIRE!!!
Jan 13th: Feeling frisky and starting to ‘feel’ the results.
Jan 27th: Sore and fatigued but still on the plan.
Feb 3rd: Oh no!…Missed a day or two and indulged in a ‘cheat meal’ or two.
Feb 10th: Here comes all the justifications. Got ‘busy’ this week. Didn’t make any workouts.
Feb 25th: Looking for a way out of your gym contract :-O

How can this 2020 be different? Why do MILLIONS of people make same resolution(s) over and over again?

Why do some succeed and LOTS fall into the same FITness failures by this time of the year (every year)!?

Everyone had the same information? The same resources? The same amount of time in a day.

It’s the principle of knowing vs. doing? We know what to do, so why don’t we do it?

How do we change from knowing too doing?

There are 3 things that I learned from John Maxwell, need to happen for someone to FINALLY change for the better.

Hurt enough you have too:

Having goals to lose weight, gain strength + energy, age gracefully, even wanting to be a great example for your family and kids are worthy goals but honestly NOT good enough. You must find the reason driving the goal(s). It must have emotion attached to it or it won’t be deep enough make you ‘have too’ when you don’t really want to. There will be PLENTY of times when you don’t ‘feel’ like being consistent and staying committed. And a goal without an emotion attached to it doesn’t have much power when you don’t have the willpower.

You Learn Enough You Want Too:

Education is a very powerful tool for Change! Just as working out and eating healthy will change your body and health. Education is training for the brain and emotions. The more we raise the level of our education the better apt we are to improve and change the success rate of our lives.

While education helps raise your intelligence it also offers something else. As you are putting the time in to read, listen and watch you are constantly having this information on the front of your brain (i.e. your attention). And the important thing about attention is it will feed habits. The more you educate yourself you not only learn more, you end up ‘wanting’ to behave more in line become it is constantly on the front of your mind… #mindblown

Receive enough you are able too:

A BIG myth about motivation is that motivation doesn’t happen 1st, it happens after action. Through the HARD work, consistency and self sacrifice you figure out you can achieve results! It happens when you get your first pull-up, first muscle up, first double-under or your crush a workout you thought ‘used to‘ be impossible and you want more! It is amazing to see the transformation in someone when this happens. When this happens you find that this is where the journey to lasting FITness really begins and you can achieve more.

Wednesday’s Workout Is…

A. Press 3-3-3-3-3 (every 2min)

B. 4 Rounds for Time:
200 Farmer Carry
15 Strict Press (with Dumbells)
20 Toe To Bar
50 Double Unders

Post by Chris; @mr.cpm