What do you need more of in your life to get FITTER?

More discipline?
More will-power?

How would you like to make everything in your life easier?

You can do this with the power of momentum! When things are not forced and you are compelled to eat better, #get2thegym more, wake up earlier, fired up about life, everything is just clicking you have evoked the good ole’ mojo!

Here are 3 “Simple” steps to tab into the momentum to have inside of you…

If you go back to the gym for the first time in weeks/months/YEARS and workout like a mad dog, you may feel great that first day; but what about within a day or two, you will be sore and in pain, so much pain that you are likely to not come back again. To build lasting EM you must utilize the power of small actions. Momentum builds slowly but relentlessly. Small repetitive, continuous actions, chained together, build momentous momentum.

I’ve said it before… “There is no finish line in FITness”. It is easy to get motivated, it’s HARD to stay motivated. It’s even HARDER if we set ourselves up with false expectations. Losing 10lbs and/or fitting into an old pair of jeans are both great goals. However, when you feel you deserve (entitled) those results because of the work you have put in vs. putting in the work first and receiving those results later.

Lets get real… We (I) like to complicate things. And Complexity is the enemy of execution. Here is a secret… Your brain wants you to WIN, succeed, to operate off simplicity, however it can only process off simple and specific items. When we dabble, create excuses, options, justify we make things harder then we need to and end up taking NO ACTION.

Keep it SIMPLE ala… #get2thegym

The O-Board Says…

5-rounds (each AMRAP 3)

10 DB Snatch (5 reach arm)
10 Box Jump Overs
5 Toes to Bar
*3-min rest in between rounds

Post by Chris; follow me on instagram; mr.cpm

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