There is a rhythm to everything in life (faith, family, health, etc…). Understanding that rhythm and working to ensure the proper cadence is critical to growing interpersonally and professionally.

Life is full of up’s, down’s, twists and turns. It is hard to get on track. Easy to get off track. Staying consistent can be the defining characteristic in someone’s success with health, FITness and/or any major aspect of life.

I like to use the imagery of treating my body (what I eat and how I workout) like my business. Planning, tracking and executing is vital to the growth of business and it needs to be viewed and treated that way with your body.

Right now if you focused on accomplishing three things at CPMFITness (attendance to classes, diet and recovery) you would be living an above average life on the the path towards your IDEAL weight, strength and energy. You will feel great, confident and empowered. And your friends will be jealous and wish they were you… J/K (sort of;-)

Here are three meetings, or conversations, you need to have with yourself every week.

Priorities review: Our attention is the compass to our thoughts and leads to every action we take. In today’s high speed era of technology our attention is pulled in 100s of directions everyday. Our intentions are just NOT good enough. Our true priorities are not what we say we want but what we ACTUALLY DO.

What I like to do = Write my TOP priorities down on paper each week. Once it is out of my head and onto paper it starts to become real. And then each day use them to direct what I want to accomplish daily.

Calendar review: I heard a phrase that has become a #gamechanger for me; “You don’t prioritize your schedule. You MUST schedule your priorities.” Once I know (and can see on paper) what my true prioritizes are. Now it’s time to literally put them on your calendar. Write them down with a date and a time and it is a much easier to keep them on there by psychologically telling yourself to do it until you complete it. It is also much simpler to manage and put other (less important) commitments that need to get done somewhere else on your calendar vs. putting it in place of your workout/cooking/shopping time.

What I do = Google Cal like a boss. I schedule my workouts. I schedule my meetings. I schedule when to write this blog post. I tell myself what but more importantly when to do what I need to do and then I do it! #likeMagic

Action Taken Review: You need to make sure that you are improving from week to week, from month-to-month, from year to year. Our biggest problem(s) with remaining consistent is when we make a mistake or have a ‘cheat’ meal or miss our committed workouts in a week we allow those faults to fester and continue to lead to unhealthy behaviors. We focus on perfection not progress. That is a slippery slope that can lead to frustration, faults and unrealistic expectations. We ARE GOING TO MAKE MISTAKES. WE ARE NOT PERFECT BY DESIGN. Switching our perspective to progress and learning from our mistakes will get us (and stay) on the right track towards our goals.

What I do = Take some brief uninterrupted time and do a weekly review of wins, setbacks and acknowledging all that occurred. Celebrate the wins, learn from your mistakes and re-set goals and targets for the week. This will take the pressure off you thinking about the wrong things and gets your attention focused on the right things.

I could add more pieces to this cadence, but this is enough to get you started and massively improve your results now.

The O-Board Says…

A. 1RM Back Squat
Use 7 sets each 2min

B. For 5 Rounds
in 2 min
200 run/row (alternate)
Max KB Swings
Rest 1 min

Post by Chris; @cmoknows

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