We test the mile from time to time (pun intended) at CPM .. why? I have a client looking to run a 5 5:30 mile, so he was asking me what I think he should do to help him increase his time …

So here are my tips and tricks to make your mile run Thursday the best one yet …

#1 Sprint shorter distances than the mile – For example Do interval training for the 800. Run the 800 as fast as you can, and when you’re done, walk 400 meters. Repeat until you’ve run the 800 4 times .. Or you can just come next Wednesday the 21st.

#2 Do exercises to improve your leg strength. The stronger your legs are, the more power and endurance your legs will have, and the faster you’ll be able to run that mile.

#3 Use weights. Weights can help you improve the strength of your arms and core and spending a short amount of time a day can help you grow stronger, and therefore, faster.

#4 Breathe correctly. If you want to maximize your running potential, then you have to get the breathing part down. You should learn to breathe deeply, through your nose, and to release the air slowly out of your mouth. Nose breathing is difficult for some people, so you may need to work on it;

#5 Mobility and Stretching before and after your runs can help you run more quickly, prevent injury, and help your body get ready to run and to unwind from a workout.

Now you have the tips and tricks you need to make this your best mile yet!!


Tuesday’s Workout is…

For Time:
A. Plank City
40s Plank Hold
20s rest
40s Leg Lifts
20s rest
40s Thai Plank
20s rest
40s Plank Jacks
20s rest
40s Side Plank

500m row
12 T2B
21 box jumps

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