In last week’s post (LINK) I discussed the options available for someone looking for FITness. Listing out the pro’s and con’s of each the Globo Gym, Personal Training Studio and Group Exercise.

  • Personal Training is great and personalized but can be too expensive for a long term solution.
  • Group Exercise can be awesome with the intensity and community of friends it provides. But it can only really serve your general needs. As I mentioned earlier, every physical body is unique and for a lot of folks have personal needs they miss out.
  • At CPMFITness we are bring together the best of both worlds. Coaching you upfront to “Get you in-shape” and having the resources to use group classes to “Keep you in-shape”

Here are the official steps to “Get Started with CPMFITness”

Step 1; The Introduction

Objective: To learn exactly who you are and exactly what you want.

I’ve said it before… “Every physical body is unique however the requirements for success remain the same.”  We will set up a Phone/In-Person Interview right from the get go to learn about you and find your exact needs, goals and driving force. This is such a powerful step for both of us. In my experience a lot of fitness aficionado’s don’t have a true understanding of why they want to exercise and get healthy. A professional coach can help you find out exactly what makes you tick so you can have the opportunity to true transformational change.

Step 2; Assessment + Fundamentals

Objective: You can’t receive coaching until you’ve officially learned something.

You will get paired up with a coach we feel you’ll connect with—someone you trust with your long term health and fitness needs.
You begin by doing a consultation with this coach, then a movement and baseline fitness assessment, followed by approximately 10-20 personal training sessions (depending on your individual needs). These sessions help identify your current fitness level, your injury history, your strengths and weaknesses and your fitness and body composition goals. Based on the above, you will be given a toolkit to help prepare you to be successful in group classes.

Step 3; Hybrid

Objective: They key component to long term results and accountability.

Once you’re prepared, you will graduate to group classes and will begin a combination of weekly group classes (two to five classes per week), plus periodic personal training sessions with your personal coach. The frequency with which you meet your coach depends on your goals, needs and budget, but is generally once a week, once as month or once a quarter. These sessions will help keep you on track with your goals, and will also provide an opportunity to address what’s working and what’s not working in classes, so you can adjust accordingly to ensure your continued progress.

As a result, we believe our hybrid model provides you with all that is required to be successful in health and fitness, including:

  1. A personal coach to cater to your individual needs so you actually see fitness results.
  2. A community-based, social environment, where you’ll feel a sense of belonging to a supportive community of friends.
  3. Financially more affordable as a long term (permanent) solution.

Today’s Workout is…

A. Death By Power Clean
15 min max

-Rest 4 min-

B. AMRAP 15 minutes:
200m Run (Row)
32 sec Handstand Hold
200m Run (Row)
32 Box Dips
200m Run
32 KB swings
200m Run
32 Plate Snatch

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