FITness is Failing America…

⚠️ 2.6 BILLION (thats with a B) people were overweight or obese in 2016. Let’s call it “Globesity”.
⚠️ The current generation has a life expectancy younger than their parent #sayWhaaat (1st time ever)
⚠️ 67% of gym members never actually visit their gym
⚠️ 80% of us will fail our New Year’s resolutions by February.

“Hard work and sound science has been replaced by fads, false promises and magic pills”, says Arnold Schwarzenegger in a recent article (LINK)

Everyone is looking for a quick fix, including gym owners (Free Week Trial, 30 Days for $30, 6 Week Challenges, etc..)…

So if nothing is working then how do we solve the problem? It’s time for something different. 

For the last 5 years, up until last year (click this LINK for more info) we would deliver our brand of FITness with a simple, no hassle and ease of entry model i.e. Free Week Trial. The objective was to help the masses and spread the word to get everyone as FIT as possible. But FITness today is a different ball game. People need more than just classes. They need a coach. A coach that can teach them how to lift, how to eat, how to lifestyle. They need some in their corner educating, supporting and influencing them to a better way of living.

Life has seasons and everyone goes through up’s and down’s. It’s a coaches job to stick it out and help guide + support you to stay on track. We no longer just sell group exercise classes (however it is still definitely a BIG piece to the puzzle) because the consumer needs more.

So with that… Our business has been upgraded. We are forging a new type of Gym + new type of Trainer; it’s called Coach 4 Life.

A Coach 4 Life is exactly how it sounds. At CPMFITness you will get attached to a coach for the rest of your exercise life. Because FITness has no finish line.

Because what happens after your Free Week Trial? 30 days of 30 classes? 6 week challenge? If you sell someone something with a timeframe that is the level of commitment they will buy.

For the record, this doesn’t mean short term challenges aren’t valuable ever. They can be valuable to kick start you into something larger, but there needs to be a plan AFTER the 6 weeks are up! We find they’re also valuable when you are already on a fitness and diet journey, as a way to tighten up some of the changes you have ALREADY made. But a 30 day or 6-week challenge in a vacuum in your life, with no pre or post 6-week challenge plan, are generally not that useful for long term change.

Our business model today is that of a Coach 4 Life to get you FIT 4 Life. We are selling a Professional Relationship with a Professional Coach.

Here the Pro’s

You will get FIT and continue to improve your FITness over time.
You will get FIT and also get Well. They are not the same.
We will empower you to solve your own problems.
You will be empowered to WANT to solve your own problems.
You will learn how to move, lift, run, recover, eat, sleep, manage your crazy life and put your priorities in order.

Here are the Con’s

It’s HARD. (This will take work).
It’s more expensive than standard gyms. (But not as much as just a personal trainer).
You will have setbacks. (but you already do don’t you;-)

In the end you pay now or pay later. And by the way the stats are playing out… Taking the quick fix and chasing the best price isn’t really working out in the long haul… Is it?


Today’s Workout is…

A: 150 KB Swings for time:
*every 25-reps, complete 1 TGU each arm

B. AMRAP 18min
200m Farmer Carry
30 Reverse Deficit Lunges
20 Wall Balls
10 Toes to Bar

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