Just how well are you aging??

Continuing on with my topic (Last Week) of “There is more to just being FIT” there has been a test/challenge floating around the past few years called the “Sitting-Rising Test”.

It seems a simple enough challenge: Sit down on the floor and get back up without the help of your hands or knees. Try it, though, and you might discover it’s not as easy as it sounds.

This “sitting-rising” exercise was designed to predict mortality in middle-aged and older people. The test was devised by a team led by Claudio Gil Araújo, a Brazilian physician and researcher in exercise and sports medicine, and published in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention in 2012. It resurfaces periodically in media outlets or online, causing widespread alarm regarding mortality among the many people (of all ages) who can’t seem to get themselves off the ground.

How to Do It?

The test requires you to lower yourself to the floor, crisscross style, without bracing yourself with your hands, knees, arms, or sides of your legs. If you can stand back up, again without the aid of those body parts, you’ve scored a perfect 10 (five points for sitting, five points for standing). You lose a point every time you support yourself with a forbidden joint or appendage.

Why is it Important?

“It is well known that aerobic fitness is strongly related to survival, but our study also shows that maintaining high levels of body flexibility, muscle strength, power-to-body weight ratio and co-ordination are not only good for performing daily activities, but have a favorable influence on life expectancy,” Araújo said in a 2012 news release.

The exercise serves as one method of screening an individual’s loss of muscle in the aging process, known as sarcopenia, said Greg Hartley, president of the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy and assistant professor at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. That decline leads to other mobility problems, which decreases quality of life, he said.

“[A high score] is a sign that at that point in time, you’re in pretty good physical condition in terms of muscle strength.

For more info on the topic click –> HERE

Wednesday’s Workout is…

“Annie on the Run”
*400m Run after each round*

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