July marks the mid-point of our year. It’s HALFTIME!

For many July is just another month filled with work, errands, to-do-lists and other life demands. Summer brings with it vacation mode, a shift in attitude but also weeks of leave, shorts and flip-flops and less time in the office.

For others, it’s an incredible opportunity. A chance to step back, evaluate our year so far with our goals and objectives and take action to get back on track…if necessary.

For me halftime is an opportunity to ask myself a few important questions:

  1. How am I coming along on my goals?
  2.  Where am I succeeding? Where am I failing? Where are the gaps?
  3. Who on my support team do I need to keep in my starting line-up? Who on my team needs to be benched?
  4. How’s my marriage? Are hubby and I connecting? How can we take our marriage to another level?
  5. What areas do I need to stop procrastinating and start growing with?
  6. How’s my workout schedule coming along? How about nutrition?
  7. How much time am I spending with my kiddos? Scares me that I have one going into HS this year. It goes by so fast!
  8. How are we managing our finances? Do we have specific areas to focus on?

Ending a year and beginning another is not the only time we can renew our focus and mindset to get “our lives together.” Halftime is a great time to do the same thing. It’s time to huddle-up! Pull your annual goals back out and go over them, adjust them, recommit to them. And finish the year STRONG!



A. Front Squat 5-5-5-3-3

12 Bar Facing Burpees
6 Front Squats
2 Rope Climb (6 pull-ups)

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