“How is your nutrition?” – Me
“I eat pretty well” – Said by a lot of people

Your nutrition can be treated in 1 of 3 ways…

a. Objectively + Factually
b. Subjectively + Emotionally
c. And sometimes both at the same time

The more we deal with numbers and facts the more we can shift to the objective and realistic side. When we are vague and rely on how we are feeling, that can potentially lead us down a slippery emotional roller coaster state of mind.

Nutrition is a crazy thing. On the factual side we need to eat to live. We expend energy everyday. We must consume calories for that energy.

The problem we run into is a lot of us get involved with the emotional side instead of focusing on the fact that food is fuel. Food can give us a direct feeling and depending on how your day (or your life) is going, it can be a very good or very bad thing (usually bad). Think about it…

How many times have we gotten upset and grabbed a chocolate bar? 
Or had a tough day at work and let ourselves off the hook with a “cheat day” consuming foods that we wouldn’t even want because we ‘deserved’ it? 
Or how many times have we gone out to eat and known to just say ” no bun” but instead say “Aww screw it! Keep the bun and add fries”?

It is easy to forgot those times we ‘cheat’.

Over the past couple of weeks I have repeatedly heard members referring to themselves eating at an 80% success rate with diet. They believe they have been adhering to the good ole’ 80/20 rule. 80% of their eating has been clean-eating and not-so clean 20% of the time.

So it got me thinking about what is 80% based on the numbers.

So what would it really take for you to eat 80% for the 2019 year?

Below are some examples: (Assuming you ate a ‘Clean’  meal consisting of a good source of protein, veggie and fat in a meal.) *No Paleo treats:-) And assuming you would eat 3 meals a day.

-You would need to eat 3 ‘Legit’ Meals (with no ‘cheats’) each day for 292 days this year.
-Or you would need to eat 876 clean meals per year.
-Or you would need to eat 16.8 out of 21 meals per week.

I can keep breaking it down as much as you need but I think you get the idea. The more you use numbers and facts the more your habits and actions become clear and this gives you a guide to your success.

Wednesday’s Workout is…

7 Rounds for Time:
7 Sumo DeadLift High Pulls
16 Box Jumps
45 Double Under’s

Post by Chris; follow me on instagram; @mr.cpm

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