When things change…
When I encounter obstacles/challenges…

I remind myself that… Problems are opportunities in disguise. And the BIGGER the problem(s) the BIGGER the opportunities.

This picture has been floating around social media for the last few weeks.

Where do you see yourself in the diagram? Lets break it down…


Ahh yes, the initial ‘knee jerk’ reaction. When it feels like everything is out of your control thinking irrationally can succumb very quickly. Were these your reaction(s) to COVID-19 when it started to affect your daily life?


The sooner we can move to this area the better. This stage of awareness and thinking can calm the nerves and really help you deal with your circumstances so you can figure out the best way to move forward that can serve you and others around you.


I like to call this the Unstoppable Phase!

No matter the struggle, obstacle or challenge in front of you with this type of mentality, awareness and attitude you can really create your future in a way that ‘moves the needle’ successfully in your life.

Life doesn’t happen to you… Life happens for you!!

Choose your zone wisely…

Thursday’s Workout Is…

Bench Press:
*Every 90 Seconds

E3MOM for 7 Rounds:
Max Squats in 60 seconds
Max Pull-ups
Max-rep Lying Press

Post by Chris; @mr.cpm