Goals are on every one’s mind right now. We all have heard the term “New Year New You” but what exactly does that mean?

Are we making our goals too difficult?

Do you even know the reason on the super why of the goals?

Do you have any idea what it takes to get the goal at hand or are you just writing it down on a piece of paper because it sounds good?

Check out our latest Podcast @ Marriage Fit Episode 12 where we dive in to simplifying your goals

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Today’s Workout is…

A: Sumo Deadlift
(Build Up for Part B)

15 Sumo Deadlift
15 Jump Squats

12 KB Swings
12 Box Jumps

MIN 17-24 AMRAP:
9 Wall Balls
9 MB Sit-Ups

1-min rest between AMRAPs
*Score is TOTAL REPS*

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