Let the celebrations begin!! Over the next few day’s many people will be celebrating our nation’s birthday with BBQs, beach trips and firework displays.

But if you’re not careful, a fun 4th can turn dangerous quick.

Dehydration makes the top of the list. When the temperature and humidity are both above 70%, you enter the dehydration danger zone. Getting enough water is very important, and even more if you are drinking things like soda, tea or alcohol.

So what happens when plain water gets boring or we really don’t care for it?

#1: Make it bubbly: Along with keeping you hydrated, sparkling water, whether flavored or plain, can also help ease stomach discomfort, nausea and bloating, Flavored water is also a great alterative for all you soda lovers. I am a carbonation lover and bubbly seltzer hits the spot for me every time!

#2: Add fresh fruits: Adding fresh fruits and herbs adds minerals and vitamins to water and increases the nutritional benefits. It also makes it taste refreshing, slightly sweet, and delicious!

#3: Get creative with ice: Some say that ice water tastes better than water served at room temperature. Start experimenting with fresh fruit, mint, or cucumber ice cubes. Simply chop your additive of choice, add it to your ice cube tray along with water, and then freeze. If you want to be more creative, use ice cube trays that come in fun shapes, like stars, circles, or even fish.

#4: Brew yourself a cup of tea: Good options include chamomile, peppermint or nettle tea, and for hot summer days, cool them in the fridge for a homemade iced tea. Again, there is no limit to the choices and varieties of teas you can drink. Mix them up so that you’re never bored with the taste.

#5: Eat MORE fruits and veggies: Much of the water we take in each day comes from food. You can ensure proper hydration by eating foods that have a high-water content such as: cucumbers, celery, spinach, watermelon, broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries, and cantaloupe. These fruits and Veggies are made up of 90 – 95% of water. Now you have a wide variety of snacks that will hydrate your body and your hunger.

So how do you know when you are drinking enough?

When we’re properly hydrated:

  • We think more clearly
  • Our muscles work better
  • Our mood improves
  • And our bodies stay healthier

Even more of a reason to drink up!

With the forecast looking hot and humid for the upcoming festivities, use some of the tips above to plan ahead so you don’t miss out on your turn to light the fireworks💥!



For Time:

  • 400 run
  • 100 kb swings
  • 400 run
  • 100 wallball
  • 400 run
  • 100 box jumps
  • 400 run
  • 100 sit-ups
  • 400 run
  • 100 pushups
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