My life and overall wellness has improved drastically since finding out I had Celiac’s Disease in 2003. It got even better when I got my nutrition certification in 2010 from Robb Wolf and starting eating “Real Foods” nothing from a box, processed, or refrained sugars and added chemicals.

I am now 12 years later using this as my career and empowering others to live a healthy lifestyle and still have “fun” all in one!

In my many years of living this type lifestyle and teaching it to my clients, I have seen parents become more active in their children’s lives. Clients avoid “necessary surgeries” by just reducing the inflammation from these gluten enriched foods. Men and Women looking in the mirror and for the first time in years feeling good about themselves and what they are doing! Kids becoming more attentive in school, Runners crushing their marathon times without “carb loading”, and people feeling sick and broken now feeling alive and healed!

I get to see people’s lives changing for the positive on a daily basis, all from finding that eating real food is the “REAL Deal”

5 Changes I have found from Eating “Real Food”

                                                                                                       PAST                                                                    PRESENT                        

I thought feeling bloated and sick was a way of life             I RARELY have stomach aches

I can’t lift heavy weights                                       Lifting heavy weights is part of my daily life

I don’t know what I want to do with my life             I get to empower and teach daily

I didn’t eat so I wouldn’t get fat                               I eat good quality foods to stay fit!

4’oclock lulls                                                   A High for life!

What changes do you enjoy from eating good healthy foods CPM’ers?

The O-Board Says…

5-Rounds For Time:
6 TGU (3 each arm)
12 T2B
24 Push-ups
48 Double Unders

Posted By: Annie