I finally realized the definition of “Simple but not Easy”.

It’s very simple when you accept how difficult it is… WOW!

What that means to me; So many people downplay beliefs/goals/dreams in their lives. They underachieve because of Fear/Entitlement/Perfectionism. And when we realize (and accept) humility in our lives it changes EVERYTHING! My Life can be really simple when… Love God, Yourself, Family+Friends, and your Life. People by nature, are flawed and sinners, which is what makes life ‘not easy‘. We have to rise above the noise… Stay focused… Stay committed… It takes a ton of work (especially upfront)… But when we do; we make things very simple and we WIN! Below are some mental/emotional obstacles that we all face at one time or another that makes our goals very un-simple…

A. FEAR = We downplay the journey (goal = lose weight, train for a marathon, pullups) because we are afraid we can’t do it. Let me tell you that we can. Why? Because others have. Others that have had more obstacles, less resources and more setbacks have!
B. ENTITLEMENT = On the flip side; You think because others have accomplished what you want that you should be able to achieve it as well. The problem is you haven’t seen the full picture. You haven’t seen what went on behind closed doors. You view is one-sided.
C. PERFECTIONISM = And then if we don’t downplay it; we UP-play it. We overcommit and tell ourselves if we can’t do it then why bother trying at all. This is when you feel like you have to climb Mt. Everest to get to your goal(s).
We want the challenge. However it is scary and uncomfortable which makes it very hard to commit too. But deep down the challenge is what you crave.
Remember this… Nothing worth it is easy. Nothing easy is worth it.

The O-Board Says…

A. Every 2min for 6 sets:
Do a 200 Sprints

B. For Time:
1K Row
50 Ring Rows (ft on box)
50 Rev deficit Lunges
(12 min cap)

Post by Chris; @cmoknows

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