I have always been taught to strive for a career that I love. Finding that something that I am passionate about, that gives me purpose and in return I would be happy. Well, I did it and yet there are days I continue to struggle.

I realize that we cannot be 100% all the time. At some point, discomfort invites itself. We are going to have bad days, days we feel tired or days we question if we will ever achieve X, Y or Z. This is ok. It’s normal.

We did not evolve to be content. We evolved to strive, to struggle and to compete. Without the struggle, enough would be enough.

So what is it we are really chasing: Happiness or fulfillment?

Happiness is based on happenings. Happiness is a feeling. A feeling that will not last. It’s temporary. Happiness is felt through money, family, power, friends and many other things but in the end, we are always seeking more.

Fulfillment is deeper. It’s consistent and has room for the full range of emotional experiences. A feeling that lasts and gives us a sense of satisfaction and peace. Fulfillment is making a difference in the lives of others and not relying on the praise, a paycheck or likes on social media.

Seeking happiness isn’t wrong, it’s just limiting. If we hold on to that one thing, we will miss the rich experiences of being alive with all of its joys, disappointments, passions and love.

Create your fairy tale. It’s real. But you have to define it on your own terms. Accept all the emotions that come with it. Don’t take things for granted. Nurture it. Happiness comes from within but it does not have to be enough. Giving back to the world will give you something even better… a life full of meaning, purpose and sustained fulfillment.



A: Front Squat
*every 2min*

600 Meter Run
30 Side to Side Slam Ball
MAX Wall Walks

Rest 1 minute…

Then a surprise!

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